Getting Back on Track with IT

Representatives from Allvest Information Services are currently at the 28th Annual National Juvenile Justice Conference that wraps up tomorrow in Reno.

You might be asking: “Why would a Seattle IT company fly all the way to Nevada to attend an annual conference on juvenile justice?”

Turns out that Allvest is in Reno to showcase their latest product: Back on Track!

Back On Track! offers Court Administrators, Probation Officers and others who work in the Juvenile
Justice System a time-saving way to easily and effectively track, monitor and manage the behavior of
youth under their care and supervision.

“We sensed a tremendous need in the juvenile justice field specifically, as well as in the entire corrections community, for approaches to rehabilitation and treatment that go beyond mere punishment,” says
Allvest CTO Kelvin Meeks.

Back on Track! is the result of a relationship that began between Allvest and the the Washington State Juvenile Court Administrators Association (WAJCA) back in 1998.

That is when the WAJCA decided to look to the private sector for a solution that would help them come up
with a standardized, sytem-wide approach for effective case management and outcome measurment for the over 50,000 youths under their care.

Today, the database product is now available at the county level in such States as Wyoming, California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Ohio.

According to Allvest VP of Marketing & Sales Sean Hosman (who in in Reno this morning) there is a lot of interest in Back on Track! at the conference. “People are starting to understand the need for technology to help manage the rising case loads,” says Hosman.

Allvest is currently working on Back on Track!’s upcoming online version. According to Hosman, the Internet will allow the company to introduce an assessment engine that features multiple assessments. It will, of course, also make the product a lot more easier to access.

There is also another key benefit of Back on Track! that Hosman is very excited about.

Several counties actually invite the youth that are being assessed to come and view the software product in action. According to Hosman, that not only provides the youth with a visual presentation of their situation, but also introduces them to the hi-tech arena.

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