GiantBear Offers Cellular Audio Internet Access

GiantBear has launched its new AudioCub delivery system, by which wireless carriers can provide subscribers with the ability to request and receive information from the wireless Internet through audio delivery, using any existing analog, digital or WAP-enabled wireless phone.

The AudioCub follows the launch of BearCub, a new proprietary technology from GiantBear. AudioCub expands on the capabilities of BearCub by offering audio delivery, so that any existing analog, digital or WAP-enabled phone now can have access to wireless Internet information.

Like BearCub, AudioCub uses the existing SS7-based mobility management system to provide subscribers of wireless carriers access to the Internet and other information services from any digital wireless phone, on a carrier scale/carrier grade basis. GiantBear, although not a wireless carrier itself, directly uses the SS7-based mobility management system to deliver Internet content upon request to digital wireless communication devices.

“BearCub and AudioCub may well be the ‘killer apps’ that make the wireless Internet a must-have for the masses,” says GiantBear founder Steven Price. “AudioCub gives wireless carrier subscribers one more delivery service – audio – that will empower all cellular and PCS customers with the wireless Web regardless of the type of phones they own.”

Perhaps 40% of cell phone owners have analog or early digital wireless devices, to which the wireless Web was inaccessible. With AudioCub’s dial triggered audio delivery service, analog users can get information from the Internet in voice format.

“Future voice capabilities such as voice browsers and speech-to-text will free users from having to ‘key’ selections data on their wireless devices and further the market base a carrier can reach,” says David Annan, vice president, engineering for GiantBear. “And, the best news is that analog users now can be included in carrier marketing efforts and offerings.”

AudioCub and BearCub subscribers can personalize and tailor services to receive the Web content they want. Wireless users access Internet information by dialing abbreviated service codes, such as ‘##1,’ ‘##2’, etc. Requested content is sent to user handsets via audio delivery utilizing GiantBear’s SMSC facilities developed for GiantBear by ADC New Net, Inc., and operated on the Illuminet network.

“AudioCub and BearCub are significant additions to our suite of wireless data solutions, which are all seamlessly integrated into our dynamic user interface,” says Annan.

“All of these delivery services allow carriers to migrate customers from device to device or across service levels, without losing any of the investments consumers have made in their personalized user interface,” says Price. “With ever-increasing consumer interest in gaining access to the wireless Internet, GiantBear has a full-service, one stop solution for carriers to offer their customers.”

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