Giving the Talent a Chance to Speak

AtomFilms today announced Atom Talent, an interactive online service designed to provide Atom filmmakers with tools they can use to guide their career.

Atom Talent pages are unique in the online entertainment space, in that they are operated by the artist. A longstanding supporter and promoter of independent artists, AtomFilms launched this new initiative to empower its filmmakers and animators to further promote their work and communicate one-to-one with their fans, industry members, and their peers.

“Atom Talent is the next in a series of steps we are taking to promote our Atom filmmakers. Our efforts will provide them with the tools necessary to become even more visible on the site, and will empower them to raise awareness of themselves and their projects to the industry and their online fans,” says Megan O’Neill, vice president of artist relations at AtomFilms. “This initiative also unites filmmakers and the Atom community on an enhanced level — allowing Atom to unite its two most important audiences.”

Atom’s new service enables artists to actively promote their work to Atom’s online community made up of more than 1.5 million registered Insiders.

The artists can put up a personalized online resume or profile to promote past and present work to the community and the film industry, as well as a range of career and personal information including honors, filmography, and upcoming projects. They also have the option of operating personal mailing lists and moderating personal discussion forums in which they can read and respond to questions and comments from their fans and industry members.

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