Google Enters Smartphone Fray With Nexus One

So it wasn’t the best kept secret. Google may have telegraphed its intention to enter the smartphone market, but what, exactly, the device would look like was not widely known. Enterprise Mobile Today has the details on the arrival of Google’s Nexus One.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google’s smartphone cat is finally out of the bag. The search giant unveiled the rumored Nexus Phone, a new smartphone developed in conjunction with HTC at an event today here at its headquarters, known as the Googleplex.

In addition to new features, Google is shaking up the established way of smartphone distribution by offering the phone exclusively through its own online store at a price of $179 with a two-year service contract. The Nexus One is also available unlocked, meaning it is not tied to any carrier, without a service contract for $529.

While the initial service provider will be T-Mobile, Google said it has an agreement with Verizon Wireless to offer the Nexus One this spring in the U.S. and via Vodafone in Europe.

“The Nexus One belongs in a new category we called ‘super phones,'” said Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management at Google (NASDAQ: GOOG).

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Google Delivers Nexus One ‘Super Phone’

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