Google Snags Angstro, DoJ Still Mulling ITA Buy

Google has continued its brisk pace of acquisitions this year with the purchase of Angstro, a startup concentrated on creating applications for social media sites. The Angstro buy comes as Google’s latest move to pad out the social dimension of its formidable technology platform as it is rumored to be developing a full-fledged social-networking service that could rival Facebook.

In the meantime, Google has offered an update on a separate and much larger acquisition, confirming that antitrust authorities at the Department of Justice have decided to take a closer look at the proposed $750 million purchase of online travel site ITA.

ECommerce Guide has the latest on Google’s purchase of Angstro and the heightened scrutiny of the ITA acquisition.

Google last week continued its efforts to beef up its social networking offerings with the acquisition of Angstro, a startup focused on building applications that integrate with social media networks.

Rohit Khare, cofounder of the company, announced the acquisition on his blog last Thursday in a post titled, “Our work here is done.”

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Google Buys Social Startup Angstro, ITA Still in Limbo

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