AMD Bids Adieu to ATI Brand

Four years after forking over a pretty penny for ATI Technologies, chipmaker AMD announced it will discontinue the ATI brand as it preps its Fusion line for release in the near future.

As Hardware Central reports, AMD say goodbye to the ATI Radeon and ATI FirePro labels for its desktop and workstation graphics processors.

The Radeon and FirePro products will be rebranded as AMD Radeon and AMD FirePro, with product and case badges and labels now reading “AMD Radeon Graphics, “AMD FirePro Graphics,” “Radeon Graphics Premium” or “FirePro Graphics Premium”.

Moving into 2011, “AMD Vision” will become the overarching brand for the company’s client CPU business, picking up from AMD brands like Phenom, Turion, Athlon and Sempron.

A little more than four years since Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) acquired graphics and chipset specialist ATI Technologies, AMD (NYSE: AMD) has confirmed that it will no longer use the ATI name.

AMD acquired ATI for $5.4 billion in cash and stock in 2006. In the four years since the acquisition, AMD clung to the “ATI Radeon” and “ATI FirePro” branding for its desktop and workstation graphics processors — a nod, at least in part, to the credibility that the name has won with enthusiasts over the years since ATI was founded in 1985.

But as the launch of AMD’s new “Fusion” line of products — which combine graphics processing units (GPU) and central processing units (CPU) on a single chip — approaches, the company has decided to finally consolidate its brands.

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