Government Tech Looks to the Cloud

With cost-savings at the forefront of everyone’s IT priorities, it’s no wonder that the U.S. government is among those looking to cloud computing to cut expenses and improve the efficiency of its infrastructure.

And for Vivek Kundra, the federal government’s first CIO, it’s an especially frustrating problem. The private sector has made tremendous strides in datacenter optimization and migrating to more efficient cloud-based services, while the government has largely failed to keep up. Datamation takes a look at Kundra’s goals and the benefits that cloud computing can offer to the sprawling IT infrastructure of the federal government.

WASHINGTON — Though he knows it’s a slow ship to turn, Vivek Kundra is adamant that the federal government will shift its IT infrastructure to the cloud-based model that has been transforming the private-sector enterprise for much of the past decade.

Addressing the subject Wednesday morning here at the Brookings Institution, the country’s first federal CIO voiced a mixture of bewilderment at the government’s failure to keep up with the private sector in cloud computing and resolve to close the gap.

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Federal CIO Talks Up Government in the Cloud

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