H-P Launches Internet Business Unit

Seeking to bundle its Internet businesses, Hewlett-Packard Co. Tuesday unveiled a new
Internet business unit which will develop Web software,
solutions, appliances and e-services.

Headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., the new unit integrates Internet-related activities
throughout HP, including secure payment solutions subsidiary VeriFone.
In addition, it will also initiate the e-services strategy throughout HP
for Internet supply-chain and
customer-relationship-management solutions.

The Internet business unit is segmented into five divisions:

  • E-Services Division — Provides the software infrastructure to
    e-business solutions and e-services, including the
    software environment of servers to clients to

  • Internet Security Division — Provides software
    products for end-to-end security of e-business solutions.

  • VeriFone Division — Develops Internet software and appliances
    for secure financial transactions.

  • E-Commerce Division — Develops software products to enhance
    e-commerce and customer-relationship-management solutions.

  • E-Business Solutions Division — Develops e-business solutions
    that are replicated within vertical industries or horizontal
    segments. Examples include e-banking, manufacturing
    business-to-business e-commerce vertical solutions, and
    horizontal solutions in security and management.

“The pulling together of HP’s previously dispersed Internet efforts into an
integrated Internet Business Unit,
coupled with the launch of the new e-services strategy, will significantly
enhance HP’s Internet position,”
said Joe Beyers, general manager of IBU.

“Our charter is to establish HP as a leading innovator in the new e-services world while immediately enhancing our current capabilities in e-business/e-commerce,” Beyers said.

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