Hacker Group Attacks Middle Eastern Targets

One of Saudia Arabia’s leading consultancies, the UAE’s Sharjah Public Library, Kuwait Airport and several other Middle Eastern sites have fallen prey to hackers this week.

Engineering consultancy firm MBCE witnessed three separate attacks in the last several days, and had still not recovered at the time this article was published.

The first attack, which lasted several hours, posted a message on the site in Portuguese and a cryptic line reading “eLeeT
tEAm! a new group for a new age.” A more philosophical note reads: “Who has knowledge has to be able! Who has power has its domain.” Later on, the hackers changed the site’s display to broadcast the hacking as a work of KunG-LaO and refers to an IRC channel called #Vale. When arabia.internet.com checked the channel, no users were listed.

The site Friday afternoon listed an e-mail contact for the hackers, and referred to several other Portuguese-language hacker sites, some of which claim to be based in Brazil.

The Sharjah Public Library in the United Arab Emirates was also hacked Friday, with offensive language posted on the front page. The site has since been taken down entirely.

Other hacked sites in the region include those of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DigiSys software and a Lebanese hardware company.

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