Heads Up Seattle: Headhunter.net is in Town

Headhunter.net recently opened an office in Bellevue to serve the Pacific Northwest region.

According to Headhunter.net’s Seattle Sales Manager Tom Zinser, the Atlanta-based company has
definite plans to focus on the Pacific Northwest region for the 4th and 1st quarters.

Zinser joined Headhunter.net following the company’s recent acquisition of CareerMosaic. Zinser was in charge of sales for CareerMosaic in the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, it was that very acquisition that placed headhunter.net as a top player in the online recruiting arena. “It used to be monster.com vs everyone else. Now, we have positioned ourselves as the number two player,” says Zinser.

The combined sites feature more than 800,000 resumes and over 250,000 jobs representing 10,000 of the nation’s top employers.

“We offer companies exposure,” says Zinser. “Companies that post on headhunter.net are not just reaching its 6 million plus users, but more than 75 million users across the internet.” Headhunter.net does this via its “content integration” partnerships with such companies as NBCI, Lycos and AskJeeves. The integration strategy allows headhunter.net to be the job search engine on its partner sites.

“Headhunter.net is focused on attracting the passive jobseekers,” says Zinser. According to Zinser, headhunter.net’s career channel has been integrated into such local networks as Cox Interactive Media’s seattleinsider.com.

As Zinser sees it, there is a big advantage to having a local office. “Companies know that there is someone local they can call on that understands their needs,” says Zinser. Some of the local companies calling on Zinser, include such big players as Redmond-based Microsoft and Oregon-based Intel.

As regard jobseekers in the Internet industry, Zinser says the company recently launched sologig.com to address the growing market of independent contractors.

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