High Tech Firms Wrestle With Global Expansion

Tech firms are always looking for new markets, which means both introducing new products and expansion into new geographies. Technology can help these efforts, but not every company has the right infrastructure, investment strategy and grasp of its “competitive essence” to follow through.

As CIO Update reports, research firm Accenture surveyed COOs at tech firms on the issue of global expansion and found a surprising number less than confident about their company’s ability to execute. Part of the reason is uncertainty about the economy, but the study also gives examples of how four big tech firms are executing just fine.

A new survey of COOs at electronics and high tech firms showed a majority are poorly positioned for global expansion, though virtually all of those surveyed said they have sufficient capital to expand internationally.

The Accenture (NYSE: ACN) report, The Future of Electronics and High Tech, found “numerous operational deficiencies in information technology” among the companies surveyed. For example, less than 25 percent said they are leveraging either virtual or mobile platforms, and only 14 percent said they are using cloud technologies.

Read the full story at CIO Update:

Tech Firms Ill-Equipped for Global Expansion

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