Hitwise to Measure NZ Traffic

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Hitwise has launched a comparative Web monitoring service in New Zealand, aiming to provide Web site owners and marketing managers with real-time intelligence about the surfing habits of more than 350,000 New Zealand Internet users.

After two months in beta testing, the Internet traffic monitoring and measurement service developed by Australian based Sinewave Interactive marks the first step in Hitwise’s global expansion plans, which include launching the product throughout Asia and Europe.

“Hitwise will be building on our international presence in the coming months, having established international offices and local partnerships in key regional markets,” International Business Director Brendan McKeegan said. ‘We have a highly scalable business model, with significant global applications which will establish Hitwise as the global leader in comparative Web site analysis.’

McKeegan said that in the past accessing any sort of comparative audience metrics information had been beyond the financial resources of most businesses, costing upwards of $10,000. “Hitwise is designed to provide all Web site owners, large and small, with a measure of how their Web site performs against similar
offerings,” McKeegan said.

Like its Ausrtralian counterpart, Hitwise works by analysing proxy logs directly from ISPs to provide an indication of Web site popularity. Measuring by the number of page impressions, hitwise.co.nz will produce rankings of Web sites across more than 130 interest and industry categories.

“Hitwise captures data from more than 35 percent of New Zealand’s Internet population,” McKeegan claimed. “Because we see more data than anyone else, we measure way beyond the top Web properties, providing the only true daily comparative indicator of Web site performance.”

Hitwise publishes Web site rankings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, assisting businesses to immediately track spikes and troughs in Web activity, as well as longer term trends and growth patterns.

Hitwise will partner with local marketing services company Brave New World to promote the service in the New Zealand market.

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