HKT Introduces New Brand of E-Business Services

Hongkong Telecom (HKT), a Cable & Wireless company and the SAR’s largest communications services provider, has launched an integrated set of services, branded as Com21, that include Internet, network and conventional communications solutions.

“The launch of Com21, a partnership of
communications and commerce into the 21st century, is an important milestone
in Hong Kong’s record of regional communications supremacy,” said Gary Chow, general manager of
marketing, corporate market, Hongkong Telecom.

“We aim at creating a
commercial communications partnership unmatched in terms of quality and
reach — in Asia and the world,” added Chow.

Within Com21, HKT will deliver four categories of services: Customer1, call center solutions; iCommerce, Internet, intranet and extranet and electronic commerce applications; aNET, an end-to-end regional networking solutions for Hong Kong companies, and; Connect+, secure LAN/WAN based networks and system integration services.

Chow declined to reveal HKT’s specific investment in Com21 but stated that it was in the multi-million dollar range (HKD).

A market source indicated that HKT plans to continue announce more services over the coming months which is consistent with the almost weekly introduction of new services from the telecom’s various units that has occurred in recent months.

Some analysts point out that this may be part of a marketing campaign to drive up interest in the public offering of one of HKT’s units (e.g. it’s ISP, Netvigator) in the United States.

The telecom is currently traded on Hong Kong’s stock exchange.

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