HotBot Offers Desktop Option

Terra Lycos , a provider of Internet content, tools and access, has launched a new search feature that allows users to perform searches without opening a browser.

The free “HotBot Quick-Search Deskbar” is based on the open source “Dave’s Deskbar,” a small textbox that allows for search while performing other desktop functions like e-mail, word processing. It also provides short-cuts to other functions such as dictionary and weather.

“Our strategy with HotBot has been to create an open platform that provides access to the four largest search catalogs on the Internet, as well while providing an interface that can be completely tailored to the users’preferences,” said Lincoln Jackson, senior director of search products for Terra Lycos.

The new deskbar comes six months after Terra Lycos redesigned the HotBot site after a period of benign neglect. The search engine’s cleaner ad-free homepage give users the ability to query four popular search catalogs: AlltheWeb, Google, Inktomi and Teoma.

Other new features included: new filters to narrow searches for images, date, language, region and offensive content. New customization tools also allows users to adjust the look and feel of the site’s layout and color scheme — or skin.

Terra Lycos is based in Madrid and has U.S. operations in Waltham, Mass.

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