HotJobs Launches B2B Site for Recruiting Industry

Recruitment solutions provider Ltd. Monday took a small step back from its no headhunter policy, though not in relation to its headlining site.

The company launched, an online exchange aimed at staffing agencies and corporate hiring managers. The B2B exchange, operating independently of the consumer-focused, provides staffing agencies with tools that will allow them to create profiles detailing contact information, areas of industry focus, working fees and related facts. With the tools the agencies will also be able to create folders to organize and store candidate information, track candidate submissions to clients and check on client’s needs for candidates.

The site also offers vendor management tools to corporate hiring managers, boasting that the site gives them the ability to “transfer all off-line activities with headhunters to one comprehensive online system and effortlessly track all interactions with vendors.” The tools feature personalized vendor folders, records of all agency interactions, a history of activity on job postings and advanced applicant tracking capabilities.

“Corporate hiring managers have traditionally struggled with managing multiple staffing agencies and headhunters,” said Richard Johnson, chief executive officer of “At the same time, headhunters and staffing agencies continue to use time-consuming, inefficient processes to market candidates. AgencyExchange will offer both parties incredible value and unprecedented efficiencies, making their business more organized and effective.”

The company, which built its reputation on running a headhunter free site, went to lengths to distance this service from, noting, “Headhunters and staffing agencies are still not allowed to post jobs on the site, nor are they able to search its resume database.”

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