How Will Apple Handle iPhone 4 Antenna PR Mess?

While the Apple iPhone 4 has received high marks for its sleek looks and expanded features, those achievements are often being overshadowed in the press due to what’s been dubbed the “death grip” — a reported loss of antenna reception when the phone is held a certain way.

While some reviewers noticed little impact of the “death grip” on signal strength, others reported that it’s a dealbreaker, if not a serious blemish on Apple’s reputation for quality. Consumer Reports, for instance, said it had confirmed the problem in testing and would not recommend the iPhone 4 to users as a result.

So what’s Apple to do? A group of experts shares their thoughts on how it should respond to the iPhone 4’s alleged flaw, and Enterprise Mobile Today has the story.

With mounting pressure on the company over the iPhone 4 issue, some say Apple would be well advised to recall the device because the reception issues are hardware-based and its planned software fix will do nothing to address the issue.

That’s the sentiment of a group of public relations experts contacted by Cult of Mac, a blog dedicated to all things Apple. A cadre of experts ranging from a university professor to a former White House spin doctor all said that the problem is now harming Apple’s brand.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Can Apple Withstand iPhone 4 Recall Pressure?

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