HP, Microsoft Team on Cloud, Datacenter Work

With all eyes on cloud computing — and figuring out cost-effective ways to leverage it for enterprise applications — Microsoft and HP are aiming to cash in by joining up in an effort to provide combined solutions. Datamation takes a look.

Microsoft and HP today unveiled a three-year, $250 million partnership that aims “to significantly simplify technology environments for businesses of all sizes,” according to company statements.

The two companies said they plan to provide the “deepest” integration to date of datacenter infrastructure from the hardware all the way up to the application level, with an emphasis on cloud computing — specifically Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Azure.

“We’re doing something at a level of integration that we don’t know of anyone else having done before,” HP (NYSE: HPQ) CEO Mark Hurd told press and analysts on a conference call Wednesday morning.

However, beyond high-level discussions on the concept of providing infrastructure-to-applications integration using HP hardware and Microsoft software, the companies revealed few concrete details of how the deal will play out.

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Microsoft and HP in $250M ‘Deep’ Partnership

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