Your Laptop’s Been Stolen. What Should You Do?

Even the most cautious among us can fall victim to laptop theft. eSecurityPlanet has some useful tips for dealing with the threat and aftermath of laptop theft.

I had my laptop stolen once, about five years ago, from the trunk of a locked car parked at a shopping mall. You never forget that experience of being violated, of being stupid. (And it seems to be getting more common, according to this story in the LA Times where thieves follow customers buying new PCs home from Apple Stores.)

So what can you do to be more proactive, given the number of laptops that go missing every month? One way is to use one of a growing number of recovery software tools that automatically “phone home” (in the Internet sense of the word) and help you and the authorities, should they be interested, in trying to track it down.

Think of what LoJack does for locating cars, with the added information that having an Internet connection can bring (indeed, the company is one that offers a laptop tool).

Read the full story at eSecurityPlanet:

What to Do When Your Laptop is Stolen

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