Hummingbird Launches Enterprise Solution

Hummingbird Communications announced it is shipping BI/Suite, an integrated, Web-enabled business intelligence solution for the enterprise.

The suite is designed to provide the widest number of users with access to the same decision support services and content, regardless of whether they are using desktop business intelligence applications or Web browsers. It is comprised of BI/Broker, BI/Query, and BI/Web.

BI/Broker is an enterprise application server that is the foundation of Hummingbird’s new three-tier business intelligence architecture. It provides a common information repository for all users and a broad range of shared services for users across the enterprise.

BI/Query is Hummingbird’s enterprise query and reporting application. The company claims that it is the only competing package offering the unique ability to create heterogeneous queries and reports.

BI/Web is a thin-client solution that works in conjunction with BI/Broker to Web-enable routine decision support tasks. It uses Java applets to enable users to conduct business intelligence tasks using their Web browsers, regardless of location.

Hummingbird specializes in the development of enterprise software solutions, including network connectivity and business intelligence products that provide high performance access to internetwork-based information and applications.

The Company is headquartered in Toronto, with offices throughout Canada and the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

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