Hummingbird to Ship EIP 4 Enterprise Info Portal

[Toronto, CANADA] Hummingbird announced today that its EIP 4 will
ship at the end of this quarter. The new product is a next generation
enterprise information portal that delivers scalability,
administrative capabilities, application integration and
collaboration, and an enhanced interface.

“Hummingbird EIP 4 delivers on our vision of user-centric computing
and enterprise wide deployment requirements,” said Barry Litwin,
Hummingbird’s president.

The new product addresses requirements of organizations that are now
beginning to deploy portals at enterprise and departmental levels.
The new functionalities facilitate enterprise wide deployment and
maintenance by leveraging Hummingbird’s proven Web Update technology.

This functionality allows administrators to seamlessly upgrade
Hummingbird EIP deployments and install additional e-Clip plug-ins,
to extend the reach of the portal users to new applications and
information sources.

EIP 4 also includes a new user interface that exploits DHTML
functionality. Leveraging the drag-and-drop metaphor, users can
easily build their personal pages to gain access to information and
applications. The new interface lets users control customization and
layout of personal pages, improves the overall end-user experience,
and enhances the portal’s value for the enterprise.

The new XML-based application interface also allows applications to
interact in new innovative ways by having EIP control and link the
content between disparate apps, enabling users to focus on the work
at hand, without the worry of choosing which environment they should
be in to perform needed actions.

Additional new features include: support for widely utilized
scripting languages including JavaScript, VBScript, Jpython, and
JACL; integration with Folio Views; and tighter integration with
Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

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