I Saw You @ the Schmoozefest

Seattle.internet.com ran into the CEO of Seattle’s latest dotcom last night at the Seattle Networking event “Schmoozefest.”

Brian Henn informed seattle.internet.com about today’s launch of isawyou.com.

According to Henn, his company has formed an online version of the “I Saw U” newspaper features and will allow people to communicate safely and anonymously with each other, by providing messaging to their community in a fun, easy way.

“The site offers the ability to post a public message, free of charge, targeted toward a specific region, indicating the location you are referring to (mall, street, store, etc.), and to receive a response without giving your email address out,” says Henn.

Since going live earlier this week, messages have been posted ranging from love connections to birth announcements to cars for sale.

“Email is a killer Internet application, yet it has a severe limitation — you must know the address of the person or group you want to email,” says isawyou.com President Varen Swaab. “Isawyou.com solves this problem by allowing a message to be delivered to a space, not a person, introducing a paradigm shift for Internet communication. It’s like giving an email address to every space on the planet and allowing people to send messages to that space.”

“While many web-based Internet activities are criticized for discouraging personal interaction and creating barriers between human beings, isawyou.com actually encourages people to re-connect with others in their community and facilitates face-to-face contact that might not otherwise be possible,” said Karissa Price, CEO of 3i strategic consulting firm and isawyou.com Advisory Board member.

isawyou.com also includes “Crime Seen,” a neighborhood watch-type crime-fighting feature, and “How’s my driving?,” a way to communicate with other drivers. Other topic sections include Announcements, For Sale, Lost & Found, Missing Persons and My Opinion.

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