i2Go.com Delivers Flash Firmware Upgrades

i2Go.com Wednesday rolled out Flash Firmware upgrades for the eGo interactive digital audio player.

The eGo interactive digital audio player, which debuted in October 1999, brings rich media content such as news, sports, weather, information and entertainment from the Internet to the car.

Interactive features such as MP3Mail, MP3Chat
and e-mail2Go allow users to convert e-mails into audio and record responses or notes as MP3 files. In the future, the eGo will support other interactive features such as full interactive digital audio.

The upgrade includes:

  • Elapse time of the track being played
  • Clock Display
  • Fast Forward/Rewind on 320 kbps files with elapsed time display and automatic 1/2 volume setting for audio preview
  • Ability to delete files on the player directly from the mp3agent with a single step
  • New protection for CFII cards to keep files and cards from being corrupted
  • Upgraded sensitivity of microphone for memo and reply recording

Applications are being developed by i2Go.com for future online upgrades. Additionally, support for other audio formats including SDMI and watermarking standards currently being defined, will be made available for upgrade.

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