IBM PureSystems Use Patterns to Accelerate Server Application Deployments

The IBM PureSystems architecture integrates server, storage and networking components to enable application deployment. The PureSystems approach leverages virtualization and then a technology for deploying applications that IBM is referring to as software ‘Patterns’ to deploy specific classes of enterprise applications. IBM is initially providing their PureSystems in two primary bundles, one for infrastructure called PureFlex and the other for application deployment called PureApplication.

“The Pure Application System provides the ability to run your web applications, Java and database in one system that is all wired and pre-configured,” Paul Brunet is Director of SOA Product Marketing at IBM told

Brunet explained that PureFlex is the infrastructure while the PureApplication system is the middleware on the infrastructure.

The middleware and application component is further extensible by way of IBM’s ‘Pattern’ approach for installing software for workloads. IBM has an enterprise application store called the Pure Center which has a collection of software patterns that PureSystems users can acquire and install.

“A pattern used to be a collection of assets like test scripts and architectures which was then left to an enterprise to figure how best to use,” Brunet said. “What we’ve now done with PureSystems is we’re making a pattern completely deployable.”

As such, an enterprise just needs to download a pattern and then it is deployed onto a system. Brunet explained that the pattern is more than just simply installing a database for example, it’s also about looking at the configuration based on the workload. The pattern also includes the security, governance and other required elements for a deployment.

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