IBM, Zero-Knowledge Systems to Power Global Privacy Infrastructure

[Markham, CANADA] – IBM and Zero-Knowledge Systems will provide the hardware platform for Zero-Knowledge’s cryptographically assured global privacy infrastructure, the Freedom Network.

Zero-Knowledge will be able to offer Internet Service Providers (ISPs) a resolution to online privacy concerns through the Freedom Network.

The network routes encrypted data through an untraceable path in real time, assuring privacy for a variety of applications, including online consumer privacy protection.

Over the next 12 months, IBM and Zero-Knowledge will install 1,000 IBM Netfinity 4000R servers running Zero-Knowledge’s Freedom software, at ISPs and telecommunication backbone nodes throughout the world.

“We chose to work with Zero-Knowledge Systems because we believe their work in developing privacy infrastructure and applications is important,” said Stephane Boisvert, business unit executive of IBM Canada’s Net Generation Business. He said that the relationship is evidence of IBM’s commitment to finding the best emerging e-businesses – such as Zero-Knowledge – and supplying them with the technology infrastructure they need to establish a market leadership position quickly.

The Freedom Network currently includes more than 100 ISPs on four continents running Freedom servers, in countries such as the US, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Austria and Australia.

Zero-Knowledge creates software and services that enable privacy through advanced mathematics, cryptography and source code. Freedom 1.0 traffic is linked to untraceable digital identities called “nyms” rather than users’ true identities, and is encrypted and routed through the Freedom Network, a globally distributed network of Freedom Servers hosted by ISPs and independent server operators around the world.

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