iGST Ships 3D Broadband Streaming Processor

iGS Technologies, Inc. (iGST) Wednesday announced immediate availability of the
CyberPro5300, an integrated streaming media processor for advanced
digital TV set-top boxes.

Featuring high-speed 3D animation,
broadcast-quality video, and hardware support for advanced set-top box
features like transparency, the CyberPro 5300 (and its 2D counterpart, the
CyberPro 5000) has already been selected for used in numerous set-top boxes
and information appliances from world’s leading OEM manufacturers. The
CyberPro 5300 is fully upward compatible with the CyberPro 5000.

“The CyberPro 5300, with its superior streaming media processing bandwidth,
high integration, and hardware support for advanced features like
transparency, sets the benchmark for broadband media processors,” said Jack
Guedj, president of IGST. “The CyberPro has already been selected for use in
a number of new cable, satellite and Internet set-top boxes around the

“With its stunning picture quality, display processing and blending of
multiple streams of broadband video, audio with interactive/internet web
pages, we expect the CyberPro 5300 to be the broadband streaming media chip
of choice for advanced set top boxes,” added Mike Raghavan, vice president of
corporate marketing and strategic alliances at IGST.

The CyberPro 5300 provides a number of features that enhance video quality
and lay the foundation for advanced set-top box features like transparency.
Direct video pass through (eView).

Features include:

  • Complete support for 3D animation for advanced set top boxes
  • ZeroZ, a technique that boosts performance and reduces frame
    buffer memory requirements for 3D graphics by enabling Z values
    to be calculated on the fly without reading or writing to a frame

  • Two video ports for mixing analog TV with digital TV or PIP
  • Support for multiple, independently scalable video windows
  • Macrovision copy protection
  • A Direct FlexiBus(TM) interface to most major embedded CPUs and
    compatibility with most major set-top box operating systems

iGST is working with major suppliers of embedded set-top box operating
systems to upgrade existing CyberPro 5000 drivers to support new CyberPro
5300 features. RTOS candidates include Windows CE, VxWorks, QNX, Linux,
AperiOS, ITRON, and Windows 98/2000. The CyberPro 5300 costs $19 in OEM
quantity and will be available in Q1 2000.

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