In the Spirit of the Season

CheckSpace, an ePayments service, in the spirit of giving, announced that it will waive transaction fees for nonprofit organizations through 2001.

CheckSpace’s service enables nonprofit organizations to receive donations online without additional costs, ensuring more money assists nonprofit beneficiaries.

“Our ePayment service adds tremendous value to nonprofits, especially during the holidays when donations are more frequent,” said Naseem Tuffaha, president and CEO of CheckSpace. “Nonprofit organizations want to make it easy for people to donate money, and previously credit cards were their only option for online giving. Not only will CheckSpace save nonprofits money, but the service only take minutes to set up and does not require a Website for use.”

The company also announced that, a complete online giving community, has adopted CheckSpace as an ePayments option for online givers.

“Using CheckSpace on ensures that more funds go directly to the organizations we serve,” said Brandon Fix, president and CEO of “We implemented CheckSpace because of its flat transaction fee, and are confident that the waived fee will be a significant benefit to our member organizations. CheckSpace satisfies donors’ requests for an online payment mechanism that does not take donation money from nonprofits.”

According to Harry Tennant & Associates, credit card transactions typically cost 20-30 cents plus 2-3% per transaction. Combined with the American Association of Fundraising Counsel’s statistic that personal giving rose to $143.7 billion in 1999, nonprofit donations are significantly reduced by credit card transaction fees.

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