In-Vehicle Palm OS System Available

Revolve Design this week
launched its new in-vehicle mobile
device solution.

Dubbed RoadWriter, the
unit consists of hardware configurations
that mount Palm OS devices with a
keyboard in various convenient locations
in the vehicle.

RoadWriter features include an
integrated touch-type keyboard and two
DB9 serial pass-through ports for external peripherals such as GPS
or modems. An optional Palm battery charger system is available.
The company is positioning the setup as an alternative to laptops
while on the road.

RoadWriter is compatible with the Palm III, IIIc, VII, Symbol
SPT1500, and the TRG Pro. The company stated that it will also
release Handspring Visor and Palm V versions in the first quarter of
2001. The system is available for purchase online at the company’s
Web site in numerous user configurations.

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