India’s GTL Develops E-C Tool, GE Will Globally Market

Global Telesystems
(GTL) has developed an electronic commerce application that
will be marketed worldwide by GE Information
, a division of General Electric.

Market sources maintain that the launch of the software, E-Trade
CommNet, has established the firm as a leading player in e-commerce
software development.

While GE Information Services will market the
product worldwide, Global Telesystems will customize and maintain the
software, officials said.

E-Trade CommNet acts as an interface for Internet enabled electronic
commerce transactions between cargo agents and airlines using the
Electronic Data Interchange technology.

The E-Trade CommNet aims to
establish electronic exchange of information and documents, which is
currently being exchanged manually amongst the entities of the cargo
community in India.

According to initial reports, a copy of the product has already been
installed with an Internet service provider (ISP) in Bahrain.

The reported price for a single installation is over US$300,000.
According to officials, Global Telesystems has also received US$3 million
from GE for developing this software.

In addition, it will share revenues with the latter. While details of
revenue sharing between Global Telesystems and GE Information are not
available, GTL will receive 10-15 per cent of the selling price as
annual maintenance charge, sources state.

GTL also claims to have developed a telecommunication protocol stock to
connect the US-based ARINC network, according to informed sources.

A major benefit of e-commerce related software development is that it
not only offers a one-time gain in terms of the initial selling price,
but ensures annual incremental gain as transactions take place.

implies a sustained growth in earnings over the next several years.

GTL, which has emerged as a major player in e-commerce and Internet
related software development, had recently also tied up with India’s excise
department to enable manufacturing units to transact documents with the
excise department on the Net.

Since it began commercial operations in 1987, the company has grown by
leaps and bounds.

Currently, the company has created a platform for a
further spurt by basing its future growth in the key areas of e-commerce
and IT-based management solutions such as enterprise resource planning
and supply chain management.

The company has distribution and servicing tie ups with Tata, Keltron,
Escorts, India Telecomp and Rajasthan Communications.

It also has tie
ups abroad with V-Band Corporate and Maxom, both of the United States;
Lane Telecommunications of the United Kingdom and Murata Machinery of

GTL recently entered into a strategic alliance with Teledata of
Singapore. It also provides tele-solutions. The Citiphone banking system
was one of the prestigious recent assignments.

For the Internet Business Solution business, GTL will provide customized
solutions that intend to use the Internet to transact business.

GTL will
provide turnkey solutions to customers who may like to establish
e-commerce presence and will also create communities and online
marketplaces that create a favorable environment for buyers and sellers
to transact.

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