IntelliSeek Buys Last Independent Meta Search Firm

Search engine firm IntelliSeek Inc. Monday acquired in a deal to enhance its
relevant meta search capabilities.

IntelliSeek bought out the privately-held company for an undisclosed amount
and gained access to ProFusion’s savvy Internet search site which attracts
more than 600,000 unique users every month.

ProFusion is known for its category-specific meta search services that are
quick and easy to use. Originating from a University of Kansas research
project in 1995, it is one of the original independent meta search service
providers, along with SavvySearch and MetaCrawler which were acquired by CNET Inc. (CNET)
and Go2Net Network (GNET), respectively.

ProFusion differentiated its seek services with adaptive technology that
lets users select which search engines they want to query. ProFusion also
allows users to schedule their searches to be executed offline and to check
for new information based on their personal profiles.

Greg Merriman, chief executive officer, said the deal is a
completely synergistic merger between the two firms.

“IntelliSeek is the leader on the client side and ProFusion has the best
technology on the server-side,” Merriman said. “By offering both client and
server solutions through IntelliSeek’s o-branding business model the
growing Internet search market will be better served.”

IntelliSeek offers consumer and professional search tools PC-based
platforms known as its BullsEye 2 product line. Combined with ProFusion,
IntelliSeek can offer a complete range of client and server-based
intelligent search solutions for co-branding on customized portals.

IntelliSeek plans to leverage ProFusion’s adaptive search technology to
instantly provide search results from thousands of search sources. Through
the merger, IntelliSeek also plans to fill the demand for Mac and UNIX users.

Mahendra Vora, IntelliSeek President and chief executive offiers, said the
merger is a bold move for IntelliSeek.

“We have added a user base of millions, significant search technology, a
dedicated team, and a robust meta search site,” Vora said. “Combined with
our bench strength, award-winning client products, and proven business
model, we can now rapidly target new platforms and markets such as
corporate portals and enterprises.”

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