Internet Boom to Create Thousands of New Jobs

[Berlin, GERMANY] This morning at 11:00 CET Minister M|ller is introducing
his “Economic Report 2000” at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. This
optimistic prognosis sees a situation in Germany similar to that in the USA,
where the New Economy is set to develop in the medium term during a
sustained period of national economic growth. The German news magazine “Der
Spiegel” reported that this would result in a clear increase in job activity
and a higher rate of economic productivity. Despite the bankruptcies in the
B2C sector, M|ller reportedly believes that the Internet boom will directly
create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

In the information and communications industries, 750,000 new jobs are
expected by the year 2010. This year already, the number of employees
working in Neuer Markt (German high tech stock market) businesses has
doubled, increasing by around 80,000. In addition to that figure, service
and program suppliers for Internet businesses, that have not yet traded on
this growth stocks exchange, spurred on the market again this year with
approximately 60,000 new jobs.

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