Gears Up for Job Action will be holding its 2nd internet breakfast forum on October 26th from 7:45am-10:00am at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

The topic this time is the internet job market. A panel of HR executives and experts will be taking a look at such issues as the creative job and talent search, employee retention and how employers and candidates can succeed in an interview.

As regard interviews, Carole Martin who is known as the “Interview Coach” will be on hand to provide some of the latest interviewing tips. Martin, who works extensively with companies in Silicon Valley to interview and assess candidates, is also the interview expert for’s Careerbytes Newsletter.

Other panelists include Aventail’s Director of Global Recruiting and HR Kathi Jones. Jones has been recognized in the industry for her combination of creative external recruiting practices and unique internal human resource programs. President & CEO Mason Diegel will bring to the panel in-depth knowledge of the role of online recruiting in the job and talent search process.

While the event, which will include networking and other audience interaction, could definitely be a great opportunity to both find a job and recruit some talent – the main goal is to provide both jobseekers and employers with the latest information to succeed in the internet job market.

According to Steve Kapsinow, who runs’s Internet Career Resources channel, people are seeking Internet career resources because the field is actually becoming competitive.

“As start-ups run out of money and Wall Street looks for profitability, dotcoms are forced to streamline their
operations or they risk falling into the digital abyss,” says Kapsinow. “Coupled with long
working hours, an uncertain future creates a stressful work envorinment.” Kapsinow believes that Dot-commers need some direction, security, and advice to help alleviate these pressures.

Additional information and registration for the upcoming free event is available online.

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