Internet Economy: What Do Industry Newcomers Expect?

BERLIN — Newcomers to IT companies no longer expect the cool offices and stock
options, but rather security and involvement in dynamic processes. This was
the result of a joint study by the personnel-consulting firm
Rarecompany, Heidelberg and Tinidad, Berlin.

Mainly young professionals, the majority of whom were women between the ages 25 to 30, participated in this study.

The study showed that the interest of entering into the Internet Economy
remains strong. However, just as the failing of the dot coms has changed the
entrepreneurial mentality, expectations of the applicants have
changed as well. A solid strategic company plan counts the most. Of
lesser importance is low hierarchy and flextime.

The changed attitude is also evident in salary expectations. Every third
professional interviewed, favored an average salary with additional
incentives; such as, vacation and Christmas bonus. Stock options are out.

Clearly, establishing company committees in these growth companies is in.
The wish to have committees demonstrates the employees’ need for openness
and honesty in the workplace. Here, more involvement from the leadership
and founding teams is desired.

Above average work hours do not seem to scare the applicants away. Hardly
any of them expect an eight-hour workday: 60 percent anticipate a 10 to 12
hour workday. However, over half of the surveyed expect at
least 30 days vacation. Only a handful were satisfied with 25-28 days

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