Internet Market Close Report for 1999.02.19

ISDEX starts to find some born-again believers in the Internet stock
sector with select brand or market leaders rising today. A few Internet
IPOs also get attention, but we suspect it’s more "first day
frenzy" than long-term (see today’s ISR for IPO market analysis).
The broad market itself played revival tunes of its own with the Dow and
NASDAQ squeezing out small gains. Today’s snapshot:


point change

% change








  • Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN) goes public today and soars 125% to $42.69 per share, as scores of speculators and traders poured into shares of the software maker. Vignette develops software for customizing Web sites. VIGN posted $16 million revenue in 1998, driven by its high-priced and popular software packages for corporate Web sites. CNET shares also get a pop since the firm owns 9% of VIGN.
  • Open Text (NASDAQ:OTEX) changes its ticker symbol from OTEXF.
  • Intranet software maker Webtrends (NASDAQ:WEBT) gains 108% on its IPO today to close at $27.06. The maker of Web site traffic analysis software had $8 million sales in 1998 with a $219,000 profit. Although profitable, we think Webtrends must grow its marketshare and revenue streams in order to sustain the exuberance.

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