Internet Ventures Re-Invents PeRKInet Portal

Internet Ventures, Inc. Tuesday
re-launched its PeRKInet
brand as a single-source portal of more than 75 Internet-delivered
television broadcast stations.

The revamped site was created with the expressed intent of delivering the
“widest possible diversity of information sources and diverse sources of
video programming” according to Don Janke, president of Internet Ventures.

Subscribers to the PeRKInet service will be able to use the site as a
portal to established broadcast programming sources in 28 countries. The
site includes links to diverse mix of global stations and networks
including Bahrain TV, Vatican TV, the Philippines’ Sarimanok, the British
Broadcasting Corporation and Bloomberg TV.

“In its new configuration, PeRKInet enables viewers to access
an incredible mix of channels from every corner of the world. The magic of
Internet-delivered video is that it can satisfy a broader range of viewing
options, without the channel capacity restrictions that the cable industry
faces,” Janke said.

“While we’d like to take credit for the concept, the idea really was
created by the cable industry. Our new PeRKInet portal
is the Internet version of cable’s original community antenna television

Unlike cable television programming which traditionally includes a limited
number of text services the IVI portal includes ancillary services such as
e-mail and data.

PeRKInet services include cable modem rentals for under $30 a month and is
currently is available in Cheney, Washington, Eureka and Ventura Calif.
and Medford, Oregon.

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