Internet World Wraps Up in L.A.

Penton Media’s eighth annual Internet World Spring 2001 conference, which began earlier this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will be wrapping up later this afternoon.

One Seattle company will even be bringing home an award from the show. F5 Networks’ iControl received the prestigious ‘Best of Show’ award for the infrastructure category. F5’s iControl makes it possible for applications to directly interoperate with a network’s traffic management and content delivery infrastructure.

Although the Internet industry has seen some tough times lately, the company turnout this year apparently was as strong as ever.

“Despite recent headlines and NASDAQ tumbles that have given casual observers the impression that the Internet industry is in trouble, the opposite, in fact, is true,” notes Courtney Muller, VP and Group Show Director, Internet World. “This year’s Internet World Spring is once again a huge event, which reflects the industry’s ongoing innovation and growth.”

Some 500 Internet companies have been presenting at the show. Seattle area companies include: Glides, Microsoft, F5 Networks, Real Networks, ViAir, InterNap and Portland’s Webtrends.

Glides teamed up with L.A.-based iLanguage to share booth space at the event. Both companies have been presenting a joint Web site translation & content management demo.

Glides announced earlier this week that iLanguage will become an integrated translation provider for its UniSite customers. As a result of the partnership, iLanguage translators will become fully integrated into UniSite’s XML-based automated workflow process, which manages the editing, review, translation and Web content publishing process.

In addition to presentations and demos, this year’s Internet World featured some notable Keynote speakers.
Speakers included: Meg Whitman, CEO and president of EBay, Barry Diller chairman and CEO of USA Networks, Thomas Siebel, chairman and CEO of Siebel Systems, Jerry Greenberg, co-chairman and co-CEO of Sapient and Charles Giancarlo, Senior Vice President of Cisco Systems.

If you were not able to take the 2 1/2 hour flight down to L.A., you can still tune into the keynote addresses at:

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