Intertop Improves User Response Times With Internet Application Platform

Intertop announced Internet Application Platform, a solution that makes it easier for businesses to deploy fast, small-footprint applications over the Internet.

The platform combines the Intertop Application Server with i-Xpresso, the vendor’s previously released Integrated Development Environment. The result, said Intertop, is the delivery of applications that speed user response times–reducing server loads, complexity and costs.

“Intertop demonstrates that there is plenty of room for innovation in the Internet application market,” commented Steve Garone, research director at International Data Corporation. “By providing the ability to significantly improve user response times, Intertop is helping to solve one of the key obstacles to widespread use of the Internet for critical business applications. Any company developing for the Internet should seriously consider Intertop’s approach and products.”

Intertop claims that the document-based approach of HTML is becoming too
slow for such business applications as procurement, supply chain management
and electronic commerce. On the other hand, the Java alternative–said the
vendor–is plagued with version incompatibilities and the need to use
development resources that are both scarce and expensive.

The Intertop Internet Application Platform is itself written in Java, but, said
the vendor, enables developers to use their Visual Basic skills to develop and
deploy both the client and server sides of an application. It is a scalable
solution, offering universal support for any client. Most importantly, it uses
remote scripting to ensure that only new or changed data is sent across the
network in response to a client request.

A single developer license for i-Xpresso, which includes a Development
Edition of the Intertop Application Server, costs $995. A 2-developer license
is $1,790; while a 10-developer license is $6,950. Running on the NT
platform, the Intertop Application Server costs $3,995 per CPU.

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