IPOs Are Back from Vacation

Get ready. The IPO market is back. There are eight planned to hit the
markets next week.

Actually, I have done
profiles on two of the
IPOs: TTM Technologies and
Viryanet. I like
both of them.

TTM Technologies actually stands for Time to Market. And it is apropos.
The company develops advanced circuit boards for companies that need the
stuff fast. In fact, TTM Technologies has been known to manufacture
products within 24 hours. In all, the company has more than 400 customers.
Examples include Compaq, Ciena and Motorola.

The lead underwriter is Robertson Stephens and the price range is $13-$15
(7.5 million shares are to be issued). The proposed ticker symbol is TTMI.

Viryanet is catering to a new marketplace: service communities. As
companies come together in B2B marketplaces, there are new technology needs.
Viryanet has a product, called Service Hub, which makes things much
easier. It allows for collaboration and document sharing for employees,
customers, suppliers and vendors.

The lead underwriter is Chase H&Q and the price range is $10-$12 (the
company plans to issue 4.5 million shares). The proposed ticker symbol is

Keep an eye on
INRANGE Technologies.
The company develops and markets networking and switching
solutions for storage, data and telecom networks. Basically, the company
focuses on mission-critical datacenters. Of course, reliability is crucial.
Also, INRANGE is compatible with existing standards, such as ESCON and
Fibre Channel.

Customers include Aetna, American Express, AT&T, Chase, Cisco, Citigroup,
Comdisco, EDS, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Nortel, and Qwest.

The company does have a long history. It was founded in 1968.

The lead underwriter is Salomon Smith Barney and the price range is $12-$14
(7.7 million shares is to be issued). The proposed ticker symbol is INRG.

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