IPOs: Coming Back for More

Expect high-performance from Network
. The company develops integrated server appliances – of course,
with Net functionality. Because of scalability and customization, the
company’s servers have been very effective for complex corporate
environments. The systems are fairly easy to install and work on both
Windows and Linux OSs.

The marketplace is big. According to IDC, the marketplace is expected to
grow from $50 million in 1998 to $8 billion in 2003.

The lead underwriter is DLJ and the proposed ticker symbol is NENG. The
price range is $13-$15.

Axcelis Technologies produces so-called ion implantation equipment.
This is used for the fabrication of semiconductors. Axcelis has
manufacturing facilities in the US, as well as nine other countries.

Interestingly enough, the company installed the first 300 millimeter high
energy ion implantation system last year. It is being called the next
generation for ion implant systems

Sales were $397 million in 1999. Moreover, the company had profits of $14.4

Even though the semiconductor industry has cooled somewhat, there should be
enough enthusiasm for the Axcelis IPO.

The lead underwriter is Goldman Sachs and the proposed ticker symbol is
ACLS. The price range stands at $20-$22.

Finally, Sunrise Telecom should have a strong IPO. The company
develops verification equipment that diagnoses telecom and Internet
networks. Customers include such companies as Covad and NorthPoint

Sunrise has shiny financials. Last year, sales were $61.5 million and
profits were $10.9 million.

The lead underwriter is Chase H&Q and the proposed ticker symbol is SRTI.
The price range is $11-$13.

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