IPO’s Stalled No More

Sometimes it only takes a three-day weekend to make things better. Or so
it did on Tuesday, as the Nasdaq had its best day ever: a historic 7.9
percent gain. With this figure in mind, some IPOs that have been stalled
may see light soon. Here are some that are stirring.

Busybox designs and implements
Web-based systems for organizing digital image collections and transaction systems
for selling images. Two customers of Busybox.com include Corbis Corporation
and the National Basketball Association.

For a licensing fee, Busybox.com also maintains reelstock.com, a site that
distributes digitized, broadcast-quality stock film and video footage. They
have over 4,000 clips in such categories such as extreme sports, wildlife,
and lifestyles.

Barron Chase Securities is the lead underwriter. The proposed ticker symbol
is BUSY and the price is $5.

Entegris, a result from the merger of
Fluoroware and EMPAK, offers more than 10,000 products for semiconductor and disk drive materials management. Their product line goes from semiconductor manufacturing products of wafer
carriers and transport systems, all the way to such mundane things as valves
and pipes. Customers include Applied Materials and IBM.

Banc of America Securities is the lead underwriter. The proposed ticker
symbol is ENTG and the price range is $15 to $17.

TyCom is trying to become the world’s largest owner/supplier of undersea
fiber-optic bandwidth. Sometime in 2002, its TyCom Global Network will be
completed and will consist of Transatlantic, Transpacific, and European
cable systems. This system will connect cities of all sizes: Amsterdam,
London and Los Angeles, as well as Gdansk, Poland and Tanguisson, Guam.

TyCom is the holding company for the undersea cable operations of Tyco
International, who will have a controlling stake in the TyCom after it goes

Goldman Sachs is the lead underwriter. The proposed ticker symbol is TCM
and the price range is $26 to $30.

eAcceleration offers free software
to consumers if they agree to set their default homepage to eAcceleration’s
YourPortal.com site. Their Webcelerator and Net Butler helps speed up browsing
and downloading from the Internet.

For those who have a commercial Web site, they can also sign up as an
affiliate. If a visitor leaves their site by clicking on eAcceleration, the
affiliate makes at least 3 cents per clickthrough. eAcceleration says they
make an average of 6 1/2 cents per each visitor.

This offering is unique in that it is self-underwritten. The proposed
market symbol is EACE and they are asking $6.25 per share.

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