iVillage Plans New Sites with Schwab, Excite, SportsLine

iVillage in New York City said it is
teaming with Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., Excite, and SportsLine USA Inc. to
create new, co-branded sites.

Financial arrangements of the various agreements were not disclosed.

With Schwab, iVillage will create a site called The Investor Center, located within iVillage’s financial community, the Armchair Millionaire.

The Investor Center, which will include a broad range of investing topics and
tips, represents Schwab’s first foray into developing and participating in an
external online community that encompasses both novice and sophisticated

“This alliance is an excellent strategic fit,” said Martha Deevy, Schwab
senior vice president of Electronic Brokerage. “Both Schwab and the Armchair
Millionaire community are committed to teaching people about the fundamentals and potential benefits of long-term investing.”

The site will be updated every week to focus on topics such as how to analyze
and research investments, how to effectively and intelligently use financial
advice and advisers, and how to build a mutual fund portfolio.

With Excite, iVillage said it will create co-branded health and fitness content and community resources for the Excite
Lifestyle Channel and the WebCrawler Health and Fitness Channel.

Developed from iVillage’s health and lifestyle community, Better Health, these new content
areas, message boards, and live chats will provide both Excite and WebCrawler
users with health information and support from their peers.

Both the Excite and WebCrawler areas will include information and support
programs surrounding nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness and a variety of
health issues from attention deficit disorder (ADD) to women’s health.

With SportsLine USA Inc., publisher of CBS SportsLine, iVillage will develop the co-branded Women’s Sports Arena.

Visitors will be able to access information developed to help them get the
most out of their favorite sport. Athletes will be treated to articles ranging from improving skating style to surviving a wipe-out on the slopes to developing a killer backhand. For those who prefer to partake from the sidelines, Women’s Sports also features statistics and commentary on major events and professional athletes, as well as articles and columns.

iVillage.com: The Women’s Network claims more than 56 million page views per month.

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