iVillage Pops On IPO Debut

The initial public offering market continues to fuel strong interest in Internet stocks as several market leaders show gains today. iVillage’s (NASDAQ:IVIL) rocketship debut soars more than triple from its IPO price. Prices at $24 and opens at $95.875, touches a $100 ceiling before the trade fest softens as IVIL closes at $80.125. The problem here is a paltry handful of individual investors got any shares of IVIL at the IPO price, if indeed any of them did. Most pay full retail — the $90 plus shown.

Today’s snapshot:



point change

% change













  • CDnow/N2K (NASDAQ:CDNWD) is the new name and new ticker symbol for the combined music sellers. ISP Prodigy replaces N2K in ISDEX effective immediately.
  • Preview Travel is downgraded by PaineWebber. Their downgrade comes two months after I did so, dropping it from my top-watch list in February.
  • AOL (NYSE:AOL) gains 2.69% to $119.25 on its plans to slash 700 Netscape jobs and on the news that AOL completes its stock buy of Netscape. Terms = each NSCP shareholder gets .90 of an AOL share.
  • Sportsline (NASDAQ:SPLN) looks like it’s cashing up for battles ahead with a $150 million worth of 5% convertible subordinated notes due April 1, 2006. The notes convert to SPLN common at $65.125.

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