Ixchange’s Frontrange Ties Up with Sales.com

[Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA] Frontrange Solutions, the U.S. subsidiary of
local software firm Ixchange, announced this week that it has entered into an exclusive
alliance with the U.S.-based portal for sales professionals, Sales.com.
Frontrange, formerly known as Goldmine Software Corporation, will integrate its
Windows-based automation software with Sales.com’s data, providing a suite of
Web-enabled sales applications.

The Californian-based Sales.com called this alliance the “first major online partnership”
between a client-based solution and an online portal catering specifically to the needs
of the sales professional. While the development of the combined application will be the main feature of this
alliance, the two companies will also be working together to produce exclusive content
and develop new services aimed at the sales sector.

Sales.com expect this combined offering to hit the market towards the end of the year.
The two companies will develop joint-marketing strategies to promote this combined
application to their respective customers and partners.
In the case of Frontrange, this customer base extends to over 700,000 registered users
with its Goldmine application distributed by over 1,500 resellers.

The benefits which the two companies expect to garner through this alliance are the
standard increase in efficiency which marketplace partnerships tend to provide; that is
streamlining of the sales process, increased sales and a reduction in standard
transaction times.
This integrated application will provide a number of resources for sales professionals,
from a library containing detailed account and contact information, to a facility
providing targeted sales leads.

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