Japanese E-Press Service To Incorporate In 1999

Press Release Express (PRE), a working project sponsored by the non-profit Nihon Net Research Foundation, will become a private company in March of next year.

Provided jointly by Ozma PR and Nihon Net members Itochu Corporation and Creative Link Corp., PRE electronically distributes news about companies in Japan or entering the Japanese market to the Japanese press, industry users, and the general public.

“If a foreign company wants to come to the Japanese market, we will translate their press releases into Japanese and distribute to press and public,” said K. Yuki Sanekata, president of Creative Link.

The press releases that PRE receives from corporations are first distributed via e-mail to the media in Japan and after 24 hours the information is disclosed to the general public.

PRE’s backers plan to offer the same service in multiple languages for companies wanting to invest in other Asian markets. The press service has already developed alliances with local government press organizations such as Singapore Press Holdings and the Xinhua News Agency in China.

“PRE has two phases. The first phase is to engage and deliver to the media,” commented K. Yuki Sanekata. “The second phase is itself as a media.”

Nihon Net Research Foundation is also the forum for other projects and services including Japanese Company Index, Local Agency Index, Silicon Valley Express, U.K. Hi-Tech Express, Tokyo Restaurant Guide, and Nihon Net Today.

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