Juniper: No Disruption Without Innovation

Established companies like Juniper with a solid brand and a bevy of products already on the market run the risk of growing complacent. In a fast-moving sector like technology, that can be a death knell.

But ask CEO Kevin Johnson about it, and he’ll tell you that innovation, and the inevitable market disruption it brings, is the bedrock of his company’s operating philosophy.

“We are focused on disruptive innovation and the reason why it’s so significant in this marketplace is because the requirements and demands on networking are changing,” said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper Networks. “If the requirements were not changing, it might be more favorable to be a commoditizer.”

Speaking to financial analysts this week, Johnson, a Microsoft veteran, described the close working partnership he has with Juniper CTO and founder Pradeep Sindhu.

Datamation reports on the innovation philosophy of Juniper’s top brass.

Read the full story at Datamation:

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