Juno Upgrades Software

As the online service ramps up its campaign to woo neophyte Net users, Juno Online Services Inc. Monday released version 3.0 of its Internet software with simplified
sign-on and additional multimedia options.

New multimedia features enable users to send and receive graphic-heavy HTML
e-mail, animation and audio by installing the Macromedia Flash player.

Other new features include audio/visual cues for e-mail delivery, a new
interface for using file attachments and the option to use graphics and
Web-style forms in e-mail.

“Millions of new users are coming onto the Internet, and in order to
provide them with a satisfying experience, it’s important that we
continually improve our service,” said Charles Ardai, Juno’s president.

Juno Online Services, Inc. offers different levels of Internet service,
including free e-mail as well as conventional ISP offerings.

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