Kai’s Power Tools Given Hot New Effects

MetaCreations Corp. announced a new version of Kai’s Power Tools, called KPT 5.

It will provide professional designers and illustrators with some hot special effects when using the tools with Adobe Photoshop and MetaCreations Painter. With an interface refined to control
numerical values precisely, KPT 5 will now create particle growth effects and
professional blurs.

“Our goal has always been to give digital designers the ultimate set of special
effects for use with Adobe Photoshop and MetaCreations Painter,” said John Leddy, vice president of professional products at MetaCreations. “KPT 5 not only adds an amazing array of effects, it also includes time-saving technology that lets designers quickly enhance or create unique images.”

The new plug-in applications to be found in KPT 5 include:

  • ShapeShifter–for creating shapes and objects with (for example) refracting glass edges
  • Orb-It–for exploding source images into thousands of spheres with variations in size, density, and lighting
  • FiberOptix–for furry text, shag carpets and creeping vines (etc.)
  • Blurrrr–for classic zooms, spins “and other indispensable blurs”
  • FraxPlorer–for never-before-seen fractal styles.

Available for Windows and Macintosh systems, KPT 5 costs $199.

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