Kanakaris Launches Latin Movie Site

Kanakaris Communications Inc. and the Latin American Independent Network (LAIN), Tuesday launched a joint venture Web site.

CinemaniaNetwork.com will provide Spanish language and subtitled films, including special versions of American

There will be headline links to CinemaniaNetwork.com from Microsoft’s (MSFT) content
Web site, WindowsMedia.com. Kanakaris is a Microsoft Internet Content Partner
and will exclusively use Microsoft Windows Media technology to provide
worldwide Internet users from 56k to broadband with full-screen scaleable
movie delivery with no download time.

For a limited time, all films are free
to help attract a large initial audience and advertising. Soon, there will be
a combination of free films as well as films available with monthly
subscription access. In addition, LAIN and Kanakaris will work together to
solicit advertising to the site.

“The Hispanic marketplace is $380 billion a year in the United States alone,
and is expected to double by 2010. The Kanakaris/LAIN Web site,
CinemaniaNetwork.com, offers the first online full-length motion picture Web
site devoted exclusively to this marketplace offering broadcast quality (at
broadband delivery).

Any user connected to the Internet, from 56k to
broadband, has free access to classic films dubbed into Spanish or featuring
Spanish subtitles,” stated a spokesperson.

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