Kit Connects Palms to LAN, Net

A developer kit for creating applications that turn Palm-based
devices into wireless LAN and Net-connected tablet-like devices is
available from development firm SimpleDevices, the company said

The idea is to turn Palm V handhelds into devices that can easily
access the Net from the home or LAN-based enterprise data within
companies. The company said the SimplePad kit is aimed at
application developers and information technology (IT) managers in

SimplePad can be developed into a “sled” that attaches to Palm V
devices. That, in turn, enables the handheld to access the Web
wirelessly. The device works with the company’s SimpleServe
network management application, although it also can work as a
standalone device.

The development kit includes a SimplePad unit, a Palm Vx handheld
pre-loaded with the development software, wireless networking
capabilities and the SimplePad software developers kit and application.

Developers can pre-order a SimplePad Development Kit from SimpleDevices’ Web site. The
company provided no pricing information.

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