Latest Tungsten T5 Adds Power, Resolution

PalmOne , maker of the lower-priced Zire handheld and the
Treo smartphone, unveiled the Tungsten T5 handheld Monday, which adds
heaps of memory and an Intel 416MHz XScale processor. The size and speed updates the
company’s high-end line of PDAs for business users running the Palm operating

The Milpitas, Calif.-based company claims the T5’s 256 megabytes of Flash memory gives it
more memory than any other handheld in the market. In addition,
the Flash presence maintains data if the drive loses its charge.

The high-resolution, 320×480-pixel color
screen and enhanced memory let the T5 work as a multimedia
player. A built-in speaker and stereo headphone jack let users listen to MP3
files or watch video clips.

“We’re taking advantage of trends in the marketplace, such as the
digitization of content of all kinds,” said Rose Rodd, director of marketing
for PalmOne. She said the greater memory store allows users to store e-mail,
photos, documents, applications and video. “We’re trying to make it really
easy to carry it with you and share it with others,” she said.

Bluetooth wireless technology lets users connect the T5 connect
to peripherals without the need for cables. The device can also connect to a
cell phone using Bluetooth, letting users download e-mail or browse the Web.
The T5 also has a slot for a Wi-Fi card as another alternative for

The device’s file system has been updated with the addition of a file
transfer application to be installed on the computer desktop, as well. File
transfer lets users store information in the PDA in hierarchical files, then
drag and drop them between the handheld and the desktop.

“It’s more like the computer desktop format,” Rodd said. “That’s the way
people are comfortable working.”

The T5 also has a Drive mode that lets it double as a portable Flash
drive. After connecting the device to a desktop computer via the USB port,
users can open, copy and manage files using the handheld as a removable

A new Favorites view lets users customize the opening screen to
immediately display the applications, folders and files most often used.

The device will be available on Nov. 3, with a suggested retail price
of $399.

Meanwhile, fan Web sites and blogs are abuzz with rumors that a new
version of the Treo is imminent. Rumors say that the Treo 650 will include a larger, higher-resolution
screen, support for Bluetooth, a removable battery and a 1.3 megapixel
camera that shoots both video and stills. Executives at palmOne would not comment on the speculation.

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