LG Selects Swedish Microbrowser

Sweden’s AU-System AB has scored a win in the
competitive microbrowser business.

LG Information and Communications has licensed its Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Browser for its CDMA smart phones for the Korean market.

The agreement between the two companies also calls for AU-System to update the browser as new versions of WAP become available. The company claims its microbrowser is attractive because of its generic, component-based design.

That, the company says, makes it simple to adapt the browser to other platforms and operating systems. The company has versions available for Windows CE, Palm OS, EPOC, OSE Basic and REX.

Anders Cedervall, executive vice president of AU-System, said the company
wants to be a major player in the wireless Net device industry. It faces stiff competition from, among others, Phone.com, which also has a well-established microbrowsers and a host of other WAP-based tools.

from allNetDevices.

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